I am a minister of the Gospel and a movement educator, whether the movement be of the mind, the body, the spirit or the body politic. Pastoring the First Congregational Church of Gray is the primary focus of my ministry.

As Principal of the Religion and Core Values Consulting Group, I help people and organizations to identify, celebrate and promote their core values. My basic instructional tool is a series of illustrated lectures on public monuments, the great objects of public art that have resulted from political and cultural movements.

I also lead tours of the National Mall for the University of Notre Dame Washington Program. We begin at a coffee shop near the White House, where I use my computer to display images of the historical precedents of the monuments, buildings and statuary we are about to see. Then we walk to Lafayette Square and proceed slowly to the Lincoln Memorial and back, talking about American core values, history, culture, identity and politics as we go.

“Bend, Stretch and Breathe” is the name of my physical movement practice, which is a meditative blend of Yoga, Aikido, Tai Chi, Soul Motion and the Holy Spirit. This practice is informed by years of study with a variety of teachers including Mark Whitwell, Ellen Watson, Gabrielle Roth, Chung liang, Al Huang, George Leonard, Anna Halperin, Vin Marti, and Zuza Engler. Much of this study occurred at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.
I am also a certified Esalen Massage Therapist with over fifteen years of spa experience and private practice in northern California, Washington, DC and now Maine.

My qualifications for the above include the following degrees:

M.Div. Union Theological Seminary, New York
MPA Harvard Kennedy School
Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union and University of California